St Louis, MO

March 25-27, 2022

Ignite Women's Conference

Union Station Hotel

You Must Laugh - Sally Baucke

Being a mom can be hard. Things go wrong, messes are made, and the kids always air the dirty laundry at the worst time. Sally shares her quick wit and humor in this session to teach you how to just throw your head back and laugh. Leave encouraged and ready to face your house full of madness again! 

Six Critical Ways to Build Sibling Relationships - Sherri Seligson

One of the most challenging things about being a parent is to help our children build relationships with one another. We want our children to be close and grow up as friends, but those dreams can be hard to imagine amidst the toddler screaming “Mine! Mine!” and the continuous assertions of “Not me. SHE did it!” In this workshop, Sherri will share six key ways that she used to navigate this process with her four children in order to build sibling relationships. Laugh with Sherri as you discover how to incorporate these strategies right away. Indeed, today, she is so blessed to know that her adult children actually phone one another, do activities together, and pray for each other. Relationship building has to be intentional or it will not easily happen!

How to Help You or Your Spouse Break Free from Porn for Good - Matt Krieg

“You are always going to struggle, but just try to do better next time,” they say. Porn has invaded almost every household and wreaked havoc. But do we have to be victims to “always struggling” with it? Is freedom possible? Licensed therapist and once-porn-addicted husband, Matt Krieg, will offer practical encouragement to break free from pornography addiction for good.

Short Circuiting the Pro-Life Message: How 'Woke-ism' is Costing Us Lives - Megan Almon

These days, it's common to hear something like, "You might be pro-life but you're not wholly pro-life." The term pro-life has been hijacked to mean something else, and the result is costing human lives. Learn from pro-life apologist Megan Almon to make a case for the pro-life view and how to defend it — even on hostile turf. Along the way, discover that the biblical view is ultimately more inclusive and promising than today's "woke pro-life" narrative.

Session #3 - Saturday, 11:15am

Identity Controls Behavior - Dr. Kathy Koch

How we define ourselves and how our children define themselves matters greatly because identity controls behavior. Who we think we are is who we

will be. Because identity influences our relationships, learning, future, hopes, beliefs, and so much more we must know who we are. What lies might we

(and our children) believe? What's the most important identity of all?

Knowing this can change everything!

Women are Sexually Broken, Too - Laurie Krieg

Maybe you are married and feel a bit convicted that you have been pointing the finger at him and his issues for too long. Maybe you are single and see that you are not just an emotional creature—you have sexual desires, too. Maybe you are married or single and feel uncomfortable about your sexuality. Let’s talk about it, shred shame, and view our sexuality with hope.

I Don't Want Independent Kids - Lori Wildenberg

What? That is so counter cultural. Most moms desire a heathy relationship with their children, and among their kids, that lasts a lifetime. Discover how we tend to parent in a way that actually sabotages future relationships. Licensed parent and family educator (and mom of four), Lori Wildenberg, shares how small and easily applicable tweaks and techniques can strengthen your most cherished relationships for now and for the future. No matter if you are the mom of littles or even young adults, these strategies will positively impact your family.

Thriving in a Step Family - Laura Petherbridge

For any woman dating, engaged or married to a man with kids, co-parenting or living in a stepfamily. Blending  families after divorce or death is hard, even if the kids are teens or adults. With 35 years of experince Laura shares how to: Overcome the top 5 issues stepfamilies face 

Set reasonable, loving boundaries.

Discover ways to ease tension between the 2 homes.

Session #1 - Friday, 8:00pm

The Comparison Trap - Mom's Need Each Other! - Sherri Seligson

The Internet has opened up so many avenues for homeschool moms, giving us access to curricula, educational information and helps, and lots of virtual support. Although this is helpful, whenever we visit a fellow homeschooler online, we often see her at her best: kids working diligently on the couch, elaborate dioramas of epic battles, etc. And we often hear the same thing when we engage with local moms, too. All of this “perfection” can make us feel like we don’t measure up. Comparing hinders us from engaging, so it is crucial for us to get past those paralyzing feelings and begin to support and encourage each other, especially in person. Because the enemy works to divide us, as sisters in Christ, we must come alongside one another for mutual support. It may not take a village to educate your children, but moms need that village of support as the body of Christ.

S.T.O.P. : Creating a Culture of Intentionality - Suzanne Phillips

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and anxious about parenting? Does your home feel chaotic, confusing or inconsistent? Learn how to S.T.O.P. the crazy and create a culture of intentionality through purposeful parenting. Join Suzanne as she uses the acronym S.T.O.P. to practically help move you and your family from "surviving" to "thriving".

Teaching Sexual Truth Among 50 Confusing Shades of Grey - Jannique Stewart

Hollywood’s secular worldview has profoundly influenced the entertainment industry shaping the way kids and teens view sex, porn, LGBTQ issues, fashions, and even their own identity. 


Parents will learn what Hollywood is teaching kids about sex, porn, and LGBTQ issues:

  • How to teach moral truth to a generation that says: “Don’t judge” “It’s my truth”, “Christians are haters”

  • How to equip kids to give a logical and reasoned defense for the biblical worldview on issues relating to sex and identity 

  • How to empower and protect kids with age-appropriate boundaries and cultivate sexual integrity 

  • How to create an atmosphere for parent-child conversations with approachability vs apprehension and fear

Family is Hard - Todd Wilson

Family is hard, parenting is hard, and marriage…well, that’s way hard. And that’s OK and even normal. Trouble is we don’t like hard. We want easy, fast, and cheap, and at the same time we want successful results. Here’s the good news: you can handle the hard. In fact, if you’re faced with two choices, pick ‘HARD.’

During our time together, you’ll laugh with Todd as he shares how to embrace the hardness while keeping your eye on the joy and experience God’s best for you.

Session #2 - Saturday, 10:00am

Can I trust God? - Laura Petherbridge

Laura shares how Father wounds, childhood pain, divorce, and a distorted view of God kept her on an exhausting treadmill of performance. Then God’s stubborn love broke through her wall of fatigue and fear. There she found and embraced the abundant life she was seeking all along.  You can have the same victories! 

The Way of the Arrow - Suzanne Phillips 

Have you ever considered the difference between teaching and training your children? Both are important aspects of parenting but true discipleship requires training. Join Suzanne as she unpacks the significance of Proverbs 22:6, giving you practical tips and tools, equipping you to intentionally disciple your family.

Messy Journey - Lori Wildenberg

“I’m gay.” “I don’t feel like a boy/girl.” Two statements no parent wants to hear. Same sex attraction (SSA) and gender identity confusion are the heart wrenching issues Lori and her husband, Tom, face with their oldest daughter. If you have a loved one who struggles with or embraces SSA or gender dysphoria and have found it difficult to navigate this messy journey, this workshop will provide practical tools and much needed encouragement. Even if you don’t have a same-sex-attracted child or one with gender confusion, the principles licensed parent and family educator, Lori Wildenberg, presents are applicable to any prodigal situation including: substance abuse, pornography, and atheism. There is hope.

12 Actions you can take today to unstick your stuck marriage - Laurie Krieg

Immediately after deciding to stay in her marriage, Laurie put together a list she committed to doing daily to help rebuild her marriage. What are those 12 actions? Join her practical, gospel-centered session to hear more.   

Session #4 - Saturday, 2:30pm